Components of the thermal transfer printing are the print head, the ribbon or the thermal transfer foil. The print head has computer-controlled heating elements, which in turn melt away parts of the ink ribbon and then transfer them to the label. As a result, you get a clear print.

With this technique, not only the label material is important for the correct end result, but also the ribbon material. Here it is crucial to combine the most suitable material, as this is the only way to achieve an optimum end result. Both normal paper labels and coated labels can be used.

Thermal transfer material is available in many different types and there are many other special materials besides paper and plastic. The thermal transfer printing technique is also used for type plates, warning labels, labels for product identification, plant plugs, cold storage labels, shipping labels etc. The advantage of this material is the long archivability and, depending on the resolution of the printer, a brilliant print result.

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