Basics to Laser Printing technology

The core of a Laserprinter is a electrostatical loaded drum. The Laser light unloads the drum, on these areas the tonerpowder is then attracted to the drum, and from the drum transferred to the paper.
The toner does contain resins with a relatively low melting point, by heating the resins melt and the Toner is fixed onto the paper.

Papers for Laserprinting should have a closed, smooth surface so that the tonerparticles stay on the surface to give contrastful Print outs. The Paper should have a slightly lower moisture content then other papers to avoid that the moisture evaporation by the heat fixing is causing curl.

source: wikipedia

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Technical information

In the technical part you will find some basic information on Thermopapers, Ink-Jet-, and laserprinting bases, as well as selfadhesive Labels.

Technical informations