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Nakagawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the processing of specialty paper such as graphical recording paper, facsimile paper rolls, mini-printer rolls, and printer paper.

We strive to put our wide-ranging expertise at our customers disposal, whether it be as a supplier of application-specific processed paper, as a provider of solutions to complex customer requirements, or as an innovator in paper product design and manufacture capable of opening up new markets.

From the mid 1950's to the mid 1960's, Nakagawa focused on the manufacture of industrial measuring instrument chart paper, medical chart paper, and continuous business forms, and has staked out a leading position in the electroencephalograph paper field. In 1963 we attracted the attention of a major high-precision instrument maker, who requested that we provide just three rolls of a specially developed recording paper for use at the Tokyo Olympics swimming events. Although this could hardly be considered a profitable order, our president-a former Olympic hopeful with a world ranking of 15 in the 400-M freestyle-decided to accept the request. So instead of competing in the Olympics himself, he developed a world-class recording paper that Nakagawa could be proud of. The technology demonstrated in developing this paper strengthened Nakagawa's reputation as "The provider of recording paper" and led to the development of paper for calculators, the precursors of those mini-printers that have become such a common fixture in our daily business.

Our mini-printer products can be found in various devices such as cash registers and train ticket vending machines, as well as in machines that print out waiting line numbers, race track betting forms, and meal tickets, just to name a few. Nakagawa was the first company in Japan to put thermal paper developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) into practical use as facsimile paper. At one time, Nakagawa had a more than 70% share of the thermal facsimile paper market. In 1992, we received a request from a printer manufacturer to develop a new kind of paper to be used in a next-generation recording medium called the "inkjet format." Working with paper mills, our engineers made samples every day for nearly three months to improve the paper and paper making process, and finally had a working product in March, 1994. In addition to supplying specialty papers, we are working to discover promising new products for the Inkjet format, including film, CD labels, greeting cards, and mailing labels.

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