Basics to Ink-Jet printing

In the Ink-Jet process liquid colours are sprayed onto the paper or other substrates.
The colour intensity and quality of the print out is defined by the amount of sprayed colour and the paper quality.

Low Ink-amounts lead to less colour intense print outs, for colourful print-outs higher amounts of Ink are sprayed.

The paper has to absorb the liquid fast to give instant drying, and will only give intense colour print outs under the condition that the colour elements do stay on the surface of the paper. And in that process the colours on the surface should not flow into each other, because with such a bleeding the contour sharpness would get lost.

The following graphics show the difference in absorption characteristics of different paper types.

Uncoated Papers

With uncoated Papers the Ink is absorpt into the whole Paperbody which leads to print outs with low colour intensity and no conture sharpness.

With high quality coated Ink-Jet papers the ink is absorpt fast into the coating, the colour parts stay on the surface, which leads to intense colour printouts, with high contoure sharpness and fast drying.

Microporous glossy or semigloss papers

For Photorealistic print outs quite often so called Microporous glossy or semigloss papers are used. On these materials the base paper has a top and bottom PE coat which avoids moisture transfer and gives high smoothness and stability to the print out.
Durch die PE Beschichtung wird verhindert, dass Feuchtigkeit in das Basispapier eindringt, die Griffigkeit und die Stabilität des Photoausdruckes wird wesentlich erhöht.

Types of Ink

3 different base types of ink are common:

  • Water based Inks
  • Pigmented Inks (these do have a higher long term stability)
  • Solvant Inks are used in wide Format Poster printing for outside use mayorly on synthetics.

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Technical information

In the technical part you will find some basic information on Thermopapers, Ink-Jet-, and laserprinting bases, as well as selfadhesive Labels.

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