Thermo Top coated self adhesive labels

Basics to Self Adhesive (pressure sensitive) adhesives


  • The adhesives are slight viscose/pasteuse mixtures from different tackifiers. (depending on the mixture rubbers, resins, stabilzers)
  • The pasteuese liquid is creeping into the molecular structure of the goods which shall be labelled.

So the surface strength of the goods to be labelled is a factor for the bonding strength of the label. Some materials like Teflon or Silicone are made that nothing adheres, so also Labels will not adhere. Cardboard, paper, glass (untreated), steel, aluminium PE, PP and so on can be labelled. (In case of uncertainty please send us your question)

The easiest differentiation of adhesives is on its basic characteristic

  • The easiest differentiation: permanent and removable
  • Both groups do have subcategories like deep freeze, extra permanent, repostionable and some more.
    For removable adhesives the removability will also depend on the surface strength of the goods to be adhered too, for example Paper Book covers do have a different surface strength then laminated or lacquered Book covers.
    In our Standard stock Label range we do use a very wide performance removable adhesive, but a test is always recomended.
    For the Standard Stock range, Permanent the recommended useable temperature range is 0C-+25C Our Standard adhesives do have ISEGA approval for contact with Food which is washed before eating (For example apples).
    For more detailed information please do send an inquiry
  • For label reels the release value (the force to remove the label from the backing paper) is another important factor. For Data printing labels we do work with tighter release so that the Labels will not fly off the web in the printer even when a small diameter cores are used; for industrial automatic labelling lighter release values are used.


Ex-Stock available:


Thermo Top coated is giving a high Bar Code readability, a long Head lifetime and the Labels can be used for longer term readability, as the Top coat protects the Thermolayer against environmental influences and Scratches.



The Top coat protects the Thermosensitive coating against influences from scratches, oit, fat, sweat, grease and other environmental influences.
The impact of softeners is reduced so that the image is longer readable.
The Thermoprinter Headlifetime is prolonged to 100-200km as our Thermo. Top coated Papers have passed 100km test on head and printer manufacturers.



Thermo Eco labels can be used for short lifetime function labels.


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  • No Top coat as protection layer
  • The Thermolayer is not protected against scratches and other environmental influences
  • Non Top coated papers are rarely approved by Printer manufacturers
  • Shorter Head life time then Top coated Papers

Labels for Thermotransfer printing (Vellum)

Our Vellum-labels have a high surface smoothness so that an easy and correct Ribbon transfer is given.

Next to the Vellum Labels we do offer for glossy Labels TTR a machine coated paper and for harsh or outside use PolyEthylene white, PE clear and Polypropylen (PP) Please do send us your inquiry.


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