Our Environmental Orientation

As one of the first companies in Europe Nakagawa Germany became FSC® certified for Selfadhesive labels and POS reels.

We take care of the Environment!

No matter if you inquire for Selfadhesive labels, POS reels, Tickets or Vouchers, we can offer a FSC® certified product.

Our outstanding recycling Office label range is produced with 100% high-white recycling (face- and backsheet), CO2 neutral, certified with Blue Angel and Nordic Swan.

Umweltschutz bei Nakagawa

Our label adhesives as well as our thermopapers are ISEGA approved.

Please do inquire.

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Technical information

In the technical part you will find some basic information on Thermopapers, Ink-Jet-, and laserprinting bases, as well as selfadhesive Labels.

Technical informations